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Distribution Process

We offer several electronic distribution options to meet your needs. We no longer provide hard copy of our materials, nor, since many of our materials have been updated, do we authorize additional reproduction of materials that were distributed previously in hard copy format. If you wish to distribute hard copies to your students, we will be pleased to send you an electronic file and give you permission to print it and make the agreed-upon number of copies.

Under normal circumstances, we can process your on-line order in three business days from the time our invoice has been paid.

  • Course information includes instructor name; course number, course name, semester and year, and the sequence in which the materials are to appear in the E-Packet.
  • Billing information includes the name and E-mail address of the person to whom the invoice should be sent, a purchase order number, if required, and whatever other information your accounting department requires to pay the invoice.

You may use our materials in several different ways:

Request Permission to Reproduce Individual Cases or Notes

When you request permission to make multiple copies of one or several cases or background notes you receive:

  • A pdf file containing the items. You may either make photocopies of the approved quantity or place the file on a university server or course Website for use by your students.
  • If requested (and available), a separate pdf file containing the teaching notes for the cases you ordered. No portion of a teaching note may be copied for distribution to students or placed on a server or course Website.
  • An invoice that includes the copyright clearance fee per student multiplied by the number of students enrolled in the course (or other program) who will receive photocopies of the materials or have access to the pdf file via your university server or course Website. The invoice needs to be paid prior to our giving you permission to use the material.

Design a Customized Course Packet

To design your customized course packet, you click on the Build E-Packet tab above, select the items that you want in your E-Packet (including any of your own materials that you have sent us). You then determine the sequence you wish the materials to appear in the E-Packet, provide the information for the cover page, and we manage rest.

Unfortunately, due to copyright restrictions, items from other sources (such as Harvard Business School Publishing) must be ordered and distributed separately.

E-packets can be prepared for courses of any enrollment size. They are cost-effective in two ways: (1) If made available to students via a university server or course Website, they eliminate the problem with having too many or too few course packets in a bookstore or copy center. (2) Students can choose whether to print out a hard copy or work with the materials electronically; thus, students are responsible for any photocopying costs.

If you wish assistance in designing a customized course packet, please contact us Our staff will be pleased to work with you.

Order an Inspection Copy of a Case, Teaching Note, or Background Note

You may wish to order an inspection copy of a case or a background note If so, simply click on the box that says "free inspection copy." There is no charge for inspection copies.

Once you are registered as a faculty member with us, you also may order teaching notes, also at no charge.

When you register, we ask you for the Web address of your university, and the link that will indicate your faculty status. If you are not employed full-time by a university, we ask you to provide us with information that will allow us to verify your faculty status.

Ordinarily, your on-line order for inspection copies will be processed in no more than three business days from the date our invoice is paid. Depending on the nature of your order, we will send you one or more pdf files containing the requested items. We always put teaching notes in a separate pdf file to minimize the possibility of students obtaining them by mistake.

Order a Primer

Our two primers - one on Financial Accounting and one on Management Accounting - are available via our normal ordering process. The former covers financial accounting and financial management in 9 chapters (249 pages). Click here if you wish to see a brief description and chapter summary and the cases that would be appropriate for each chapter. As you'll see, there is a wide selection of cases to suit almost any need. In addition, we've divided the cases into two groups: one for for-profit companies, and one for healthcare and nonprofit organizations.

Our management accounting primer covers both management accounting and management control in 12 chapters (about 300 pages). Click here, if you would like to see a brief description and chapter summary and the cases that would be appropriate for each chapter. Again, we've divided the cases into two groups: one for for-profit companies, and one for healthcare and nonprofit organizations.

Many of our customers have had great success with our primers. Their distinctive feature is their interactivity. Students are asked to solve problems and take mini-tests throughout each chapter, and then to analyze a practice case (sometimes two) at the end of each chapter.

Contact Us to Discuss your Needs

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have or to discuss which cases or notes might work best to achieve your pedagogical objectives.

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Cambridge, MA 02140
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